Apparently the weather always sucks whenever I’m in Elmdale XD. But yeah..I wated to build something and started with the Laundry and a shop for Antiques

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Generations Reward Mirror Edit

This is the reward mirror from the Generations EP made recolorable with 3 color channels. There are 2 versions available one is a default replacement and the 2nd is a base game version, recolorable and can be found in Decor - Mirrors or Buydebug sections. Package files are compressed and ready to go. Enjoy!

OneDrive - package

Terms of Use

Do what you want with it, after all it’s just pixels. But DO NOT re-upload, put on a pay website, or adfly.

*I follow the tag mspoodle & mspoodle1 and would love to know what you do with these in your game. If you have any problems let me know.

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Ink - A Midnight Sun Island

The island is meant to use for the Midnight Sun Challenge, love it, hate it, enjoy it. <3
-Click here for an aerial view of the world-

The world contains 4 lots:

  • 1 Residential Lot for your intrepid sim (35x33)
  • 3 Diving lots created by me (Level 1, Level 3 and Level 6)
Island Paradise is obviously required, because of my awesome diving lots, don’t ask me what will happen if you don’t have it… 
There are also almost all the spawners from all EP’s. And I suggest to add some fishing spawners in the principal lot (like I did, and it was a great idea so far xD) 
Last but not least… Use the nraas Register mod to get rid of all the crap the game generates. 
Spend all of your money on a PC to use it! ;)

(throw away your expectations)

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Lucky Palms throughout the day.

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The Ashby House

  • 39x28 lot
  • $68,273 | $62,571
  • 3 bd/2.5

I was building this home for my legacy family when liegt suggested a Victorian heirloom house with a secret room somewhere on the lot. I thought this folk Victorian-esque home might work for that so I added a semi-hidden room in the basement level, accessed by ladder in the back room of the barn (I’ll still be using it for my legacy family, by the way; this is the house Cordelia’s children will grow up in).

This home is unfurnished, save for appliances, as I didn’t want to redecorate for myself. The upstairs rooms have sloped ceilings, and the space beneath them is pretty usable. I tried chairs, desks and beds there and they worked without issue.

Custom content used/pictured (nothing included in download):


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The Sims games get better with each installment, however to this day, the music from The Sims 1 remains my favorite




The Sims games get better with each installment, however to this day, the music from The Sims 1 remains my favorite


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2k Followers Gift: Shirt from the DJ Casual outfit separated

Another milestone to celebrate! Thank you for all your support, I cannot say that often enough! Your kind words have often encouraged me to go on and get through periods of misery, creative draughts and self-doubt.

Not much to say about this creation, I needed a longer shirt, saw the DJ Casual Outfit with its awesome top, separated it, tweaked it and here it is :)


  • custom mesh
  • proper LODs and morphs, including pregmorph
  • EAxis texture
  • four recolorable areas: strap, zipper, left and right side
  • four different presets with two different pattern tiling sizes
  • for (young) adult females
  • categories: everyday, athletic, career, maternity, random
  • custom CAS thumbnails
  • available as package and sims3pack
  • created with TSR Workshop

    Note: Due to the length of the shirt, some clipping in the bottom area is inevitable with certain poses.

Don’t claim as your own, don’t reupload.
Do not make money off my creation/use with adfly, distribute on paysites, the exchange or tsr.
You may include the sims3pack version with your sims. If you upload the sim, be sure to to give me credit and link back to this post!
Please do not modify or use the mesh for your own creations without asking me first. Thank you!


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